Frederick County Solar Co-op

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Frederick County Solar Co-op

The Frederick County Solar Co-op is now closed to new sign ups. Nearly 200 homes signed up to go solar as part of the co-op. The co-op’s selected installer is now working with co-op members to help them go solar.

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Based on the same principle as buying in bulk, the co-op will go through the process of purchasing solar systems together. The group will select a single contractor to install systems on members’ homes. The selected installer will develop an individualized proposal for each co-op member. At this point, participants can decide if going solar is right for them. By going solar as a group, members can save up to 20% off the cost of their solar system. They’ll also have the support of the co-op throughout the process.

The co-op is being organized by the Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental ResourcesCommunity Power Network and MD SUN. If you still have questions or concerns, email us at!

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