Net Metering

net-meterWith solar on your roof, some days you use more energy than you generate. Other days, you generate more energy than you use. Luckily, you’ll always get credit for the electricity that your solar panels produce, even if you’re not using the electricity at that moment. The reason is because we have policies that allow for Net Metering.

Net metering allows residential solar energy generators to offset their energy consumption with their energy production. Essentially, when your solar panel is producing electricity your electric meter runs backwards. When you’re using lots of power your electric meter runs forward. At the end of the month, your final electric bill with your utility is your total usage minus the electricity that your solar panels produced.

Monthly Electric Bill= [Total amount of electricity used] – [Electricity produced by solar panels]

In MD, net excess generation (NEG) of electricity (you produce more electricity than you use) is generally carried over at the retail rate for 12 months. Compensation for any NEG remaining in a customer’s account after a 12-month period ending in April of each year is paid to the customer. To learn more about net-metering in MD, click here.