PSC Complaints

Are you experiencing delays with getting your solar system’s interconnection approved or seeing billing errors after your net meter was installed? Starting in October, 2016 as a result of legislation, utility companies must issue acceptance and final approval for your system to interconnect within 20 days of receipt of all required paperwork for 90% of all applications submitted.

The best way to get your utility (PEPCO, BGE, etc.) to address the problem is to file a complaint with the Public Service Commission. It may seem daunting to file a complaint, but it’s actually very common and the best way to get results because your concern is officially logged.

  1. If this is a problem with getting your interconnection approved, leave a voicemail or email with the utility’s Interconnection team (see below for contact info) and ask when the meter will be replaced. If you are seeing billing errors after your net meter is installed, contact the utility’s customer advocate office or billing department. Contacting the utility will start a clock for a “reasonable” amount of time for them to respond to your inquiry.
  2. If there isn’t a response within a reasonable amount of time, then file a complaint with the Maryland Public Service Commission.
  3. Tell the group about your experiences by posting to the MDSUN listserv. When did your system get installed? How long have you been waiting? If you’re having a problem it’s likely someone else is too. Share with the group. There is strength in numbers!
  4. As a last resort and the PSC complaint does not resolve issue, contact your city/county councilperson or state legislative representative for assistance.


Here’s some language from the PSC that confirms the importance of contacting the utility first:

Prior to contacting OER (“Office of External Relations”), the utility account holder or applicant for regulated service is required by law to first submit their dispute or inquiry directly to the utility for investigation and response. Only after receiving the utility’s response may a consumer dispute a utility determination. To do so, they may submit an inquiry to OER within 7 days of receipt of the utility’s determination. If the consumer contacts OER prior to contacting the utility or before the utility has been given sufficient time to complete its investigation, the consumer will be referred back to the utility. Disputes may be filed orally or online. OER may request that the consumer file their dispute in writing. Under those circumstances, the dispute is not filed until all information has been received.