Solar Stories

Fellow Marylanders have gone solar, read on to find out what they have learned and what their solar experiences have been like in their own words. 

We went solar – what we learned

 By Michael 

This information is intended to make it easier for other households considering putting in a solar power system. In the course of shopping for a solar power system for our roof, we learned some useful things. Of course, these are my observations as a consumer, and should not be regarded as professional advice.

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From Skeptic to Enthusiast

By Frank

My wife and I have always enjoyed home shows long before they featured solar panels. When we first started seeing solar panels at home shows they were the ones with the round blue solar cells on a white background. As much as the idea of free energy interested us, no way we were putting something that looked like this on our house.  In addition the estimated ROI for these early panels was almost as long as their life.

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“Greening America” One Home at a Time

By Fred

My wife and I recently renovated our 19th century home. Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and to participating in the fight to mitigate global climate change, we decided to explore the feasibility of powering the house using solar energy.

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The Adventure of Going Solar

By Jill

I first looked into solar panels around 11 years ago.  At the time I was having an in-ground pool built and looked into the possibility of using solar panels for heating the water.  The cost was astronomical at that time … as I recall it was close to $70,000, which was more than the cost to construct the pool — and over ten times more than the cost of a propane heater and burying a large tank underground.  I  was hoping to not have additional dependency on a fossil fuel … but financially, I had to go with the propane.

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