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Join people who have gone solar, want to go solar, or work on solar installations and solar policy. This list is a way to start solar projects in your community, keep track of local solar development and legislation, find information on how to go solar, solar tax incentives, and policy updates.


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Why join the listserv?

The goal of these networks is to provide a space for average citizens to learn about solar. We also want to create a space that allows citizens to focus on creating real, tangible improvements to their state’s solar policies.

Topics and questions you may expect on the listserv

  • Questions about how to go solar
  • Does anyone have an installer they’d recommend?
  • Can you help me review the bids I’ve received?
  • Do you have any advice for people starting out?
  • I’ve heard about this new technology (solar panel, inverter, etc).
  • Does it sound like a good idea?
  • Problems you’re having with your solar system or the installation process
  • My meter doesn’t seem to be working or my electric bill has gone up since I’ve installed solar. What should I do?
  • I’m having trouble with an installer, installation or utility.
  • Who do you recommend I contact about making repairs to my system?
  • Information or updates about solar in the community
  • News and announcements about projects in the area
  • Examples or links to projects and groups working on solar issues in the state
  • Resources and tools
  • Guides, reports, resources, or documents about solar that are specific to the state or especially helpful.
  • Information on how to go solar, how to select an installer, how to decide on a system, or info on understand financing.
  • Discussions about state specific policy issues
  • Information about fundraisers, community events, meetings related to solar in MD, and other ways to get involved in expanding access to solar power

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