Community Renewable Energy

MD SUN has conducted education and outreach related to community renewable energy (CRE) in Annapolis since 2013, a goal which still eludes us. Examples abound of successful CRE initiatives across the country, from the MASH program in California, to the Colorado Solar Gardens program, to community solar programs in Massachusetts. CRE will create new opportunities for Marylanders to benefit from the clean energy and local jobs created by solar. It would  expand access to solar to people who live in apartments, people who have shady roofs and people who rent. And it will allow Marylanders to create solar gardens to “share” solar among neighbors and communities.

However, the future of solar in Maryland is still bright. All around the state, citizens, schools, congregations, and organizations are going solar. They’re generating their own power, reducing their electricity bills, and creating local jobs and a more resilient power grid.

Within the current legal framework there is still much we can do:

  • We are organizing solar co-ops to help homeowners obtain savings on solar for their homes across the state. Click here for more information about solar co-ops in MD.
  • We are helping a number of church congregations go solar in Maryland this year. Click here to learn more about CPN’s partnership with the Community Purchase Alliance click here.
  • One of our biggest priorities for 2014 is to help develop new policies and projects to bring solar to low income residents of Maryland to help them save money on their energy bill. Click here to read about the report we submitted to the Maryland Energy Administration in May on expanding market access to low and middle income Marylanders.

If you or anyone you know wants to organize a solar project in your community let us know please contact us at We would love to help.

To join the on-going solar conversation sign up here for the MD-SUN listserve. Together we can plan what’s next for solar in MD.

Thank you again for your support, and stay tuned for future updates!