Advisory Board

The MD SUN Advisory Board helps guide our work. It provides strategic guidance and a valuable voice influencing the direction of the organization. Over time, MD SUN expects to expand the board to include other community and co-op voices from across the state.

Kimberly Armstrong

Kimberly serves as the Vice President of American Association of Blacks in Energy-Baltimore Chapter, and is an active board member of the Environmental Justice Partnership. She studied Construction Supervision and Business Management, at Baltimore City Community College and has  obtained several industry certifications in sustainability management/planning, and energy efficiency.


Jacob Howley

Jacob Howley Jacob and his family have lived in Mount Rainier since the summer of 2007.  They harness the power of the sun in their garden, as well as through their rooftop PV installation which generates all of their household electricity consumption.  Jacob works on regulatory, legislative, and policy matters as an attorney for the U.S. Postal Service.

Nancy Franklin

Nancy grew up with a father passionate about alternative energy. She developed an early appreciation for its value. She helped research, plan, and build rudimentary solar, methane, and wind experiments during her childhood. Decades later, she was the first in her community to put solar on the roof following extensive research to refresh herself on current technologies. That positive experience led to her working with MD SUN and city residents on the Bowie Solar Co-op Selection Committee. Sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge, and insight with others, she is an active advocate for renewable energy sources with a focus on solar. nancy franklin

Alex Podlesny

Alex Podlesny Alex Podlesny is an active supporter of clean and sustainable energy, from electric cars and solar panels at home, to the off-grid solar power-center at his apple orchard in eastern Maryland that waters trees and charges electric powered farm equipment. He has spent more than 20 years in computer science and engineering. Alex worked actively with MD SUN and the Rockville Solar Co-op Selection Committee, sharing his knowledge with others. Alex grew up in Ukraine and moved to United States in the 1990’s.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is a long-time Rockville resident, husband, and father of two. He works in technology portfolio management in the Financial Services industry, and made the solar leap with the Rockville Solar Co-op. He actively educates and recruits friends and neighbors to join MD SUN co-op. He also helps them generate financial models to demonstrate solar financial metrics such as payback period and return on investment. Jonathan Smith

Sean Williamson

Sean Williamson copy Sean is a faculty specialist at the Environmental Finance Center at the University of Maryland. He focuses on policy and business models that enable community-scale energy production and carbon mitigation. MD SUN deploys the type of simple, but transformative business model that can have an expedient and profound impact on Maryland’s residents, communities, and environment. Sean is thrilled to be on the MD SUN advisory board where he hopes to serve as a student and ambassador for best practices in community-scale clean energy. Sean is a native of the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, but happily calls Maryland home.