Oppose Exelon’s Bad Deal for Maryland

Tell Maryland Regulators to Reject Exelon’s Takeover of Pepco

Image via Chesapeake Climate Action

Image via Chesapeake Climate Action

The proposed Pepco-Exelon merger threatens Maryland residents and local businesses with higher energy bills and lower reliability. The merger reverses the state’s progress on local renewable energy and energy efficiency. And, it moves decision making for the state’s grid from to a powerful corporation’s headquarters in Chicago. Exelon’s corporate interests are not aligned with the policy objectives of Maryland, and Exelon’s acquisition of Pepco is not in the public interest.

Instead of brokering a losing deal with a utility already in decline, state officials should work with our local utility and local innovators to build a system that delivers clean, efficient, reliable, local energy to keep our bills low, enhance security and increase local economic resilience. We urge the state to show leadership: reject the Exelon merger and foster an electricity system that is good for Maryland residents.

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