Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion — Passed!

Maryland’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) plays an important role in growing solar across the state. It encourages solar adoption and to date has created more than 4,200 jobs.

Last year, our legislature passed an expansion of the RPS to ensure this market stays strong. Surprisingly, Governor Larry Hogan vetoed this legislation. The bill would have increased the standard from 20% to 25% by 2020 and expanded the requirement for locally produced solar energy. It had previously passed both the House and Senate by comfortable margins.

On February 2, 2017, the Senate voted 32-13 to override the Governor’s veto. This followed a 88-51 override vote in the House. Override votes need a 60% margin to pass. This means the RPS will be expanded! Thank you to everyone who took time to contact your legislators. Our hard work paid off!