Solar Models

There are a number of existing models for community solar power, which you can learn more about below. This list is not comprehensive, and the best model for your community may be a new approach entirely. Check out the links below to learn more about approaches which have been successful across the country.

  • Solar Co-op Organize your neighbors and strengthen your community by installing rooftop solar at reduced prices through a bulk purchase model. This model entails bringing together a group of twenty or more neighbors to achieve an economy of scale that creates savings for everyone, but is subject to environmental factors and generally requires homes to have sunny, south-facing rooftops.
  • Community-based financing – If your neighborhood isn’t suitable for rooftop solar, you can join together with your neighbors to build and install a single larger solar installation and essentially lease roof space for an extended period of time (often 15-20 years).
  • Solar schools – Learn, teach, energize and save with solar in your school.
  • Solar Garden, Shared electricity or Virtual Net Metering – Through these community energy generating facilities, a solar project is developed anywhere with good solar access and financed with community investment.