Solar Co-op

Maryland Solar United Neighborhoods (MD SUN) can help you organize a group of neighbors to go solar “in bulk.” Click here to find co-ops in your area, learn more about how to start a co-op, and how much it costs based on our experience.

What is a bulk purchase?

Like any company, a solar installer likes to have larger jobs  because they can cut their prices due to economies of scale and reduced labor costs for business development and marketing. By buying as part of a group you can receive a lower price.

As a group you will go through the process of purchasing solar systems together. The group will select a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes, but each participant owns their own system and will sign their own contract with the installer.

Contact us at to organize an information session. We will come to the meeting and explain how these bulk purchases work and how to set one up in your neighborhood.